Story of Ormachea Jewelry p.1

Bertha and Hugo have been wanting to introduce themselves to their new followers and customers and provide some history on Ormachea Jewelry. There is a lot of history involved as Hugo is a third generation jeweler so we're going to do a series of post for you to peruse over time!
We will first start with Hugo and Bertha and dive into their past and how they became to be partners in life and business.
Hugo was born and raised in Cusco and enjoyed a fast paced city life where he was deeply enriched by Peruvian and Incan culture. From participating in all of the celebrations (such as the festival of Virgen Del Carmen) to studying their history, and to learning Quechua, the language of the Incan, Hugo did it all. Eventually, Hugo attended a university in Mexico to study architecture but decided to move back to Peru to continue jewelry with his father, Donato. His pride in his Peruvian heritage is evident in his work, as well as his spirit.
Bertha was also raised in Cusco but she and her family made regular trips to see family in the country side. Those experiences shaped her outlook on life and continue to be memories she holds close to heart. Bertha and her family were also very proud of their Peruvian and Incan heritage. They often traveled to Indigenous communities to volunteer their time and connect with their roots.
Despite the differences of their upbringing, Hugo and Bertha knew of each other through the grapevine. It was by several coincidences that they would finally meet in person and their connection would grow.