About Ormachea Jewelry


What makes Ormachea’s jewelry distinctive, are that their styles are inspired by each client’s story. The process is an intimate form of art. Hugo and Bertha breathe life into their clients visions by listening to their stories and delivering a personalized and unique creation. Jewelry is as much a personal endeavor for us as for our customers.

Our studio is our design space, our workplace and our showroom. We embrace the oldest traditions of process and material to the newest technologies in jewelry. Everything is made using traditional tools and techniques passed down from generation to generation to maintain the heritage of our craft.

Hugo studied under his father, Donato Ormachea, a renowned jeweler in Cusco, Peru. He learned the art with a highly refined eye for detail. Today, Ormachea’s style blends the aesthetics of contemporary design with the timeless influence of the ancient ancestry; Etruscan, Byzantine, Spanish and Incan.



Bertha Ormachea
Bertha, the other half of Ormachea Jewelry, works in design while Hugo creates in the studio. As a young girl in Peru, she would spend the winter season on her family’s farm outside of Cusco. This is where she first began gaining artistic inspiration from nature. In the Ormachea shop, she observes each customer, taking special note of what they are drawn to. This consideration and her intrinsic style allow her to assess each client’s wishes and offer customizable options. This alongside Hugo’s refined craftsmanship and unique artistic sense makes for a wonderful collaboration.



Hugo Ormachea
Hugo is the third generation of jewelers in his family, the son of Donato Ormachea, a renowned Peruvian jeweler. Hugo first discovered the thrill of design and creation through inventing his own toys as a young boy. Hugo learned the art of jewelry making quickly and skillfully, however his father intended for him to find his future elsewhere. He honored his father’s wishes of not following in his footsteps and instead steered away from jewelry work and studied Architecture. His education fosters a highly refined eye for design in all of his creations. Today Hugo’s jewelry style blends the aesthetics of contemporary design with the timeless nuances borrowed from the cultures of his homeland – Etruscan, Byzantine, Spanish and Incan.



Hernan Ormachea

Hugo’s youngest brother also studied Architecture in Peru before he came to the USA to join the Ormachea team. His understanding of architecture and construction brings an element of precision and balance to his work, which makes the perfect complement to the dynamic flavor of Ormachea’s designs.



Sergio Ormachea
Sergio now represents the next generation of jewelers in the Ormachea family. Although, Hugo never demanded that his son participate in the family business, Sergio naturally gravitated toward creating his own jewelry pieces. The Ormachea’s effortless crossover between jewelry design and architecture led Sergio to study at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where he graduated with a Master’s in Architecture in 2014 and currently works at the architecture firm of Gerhy Partners. His hope is to have a seamless translation between architecture and jewelry in order to continue the Ormachea family tradition of goldsmiths and carry the craft into the next chapter.